Study4Success Scholarship

Study4Success Scholarship

Do you come from a social housing background?

Do you play an active role in your local community?

Are you thinking of, or have applied to a university?

If you can answer yes to all of the above, we may be able to help you!

Study4Success is an accommodation scholarship set up by Optivo to promote and support education and training. Echoing Optivo’s values of social impact, we recognise that your actions within your local community have a positive benefit for all.

The Scholarship

Study4Success is open to first year university students. Offering two places, one for Middlesex University students and one for the University of Brighton students.

Once again, our accommodation scholarship will be offering one successful applicant the opportunity to have their accommodation fees paid for 40 weeks at the University of Brighton (Welkin Hall) and Middlesex University (Usher Hall).

The scholarship is worth:

Welkin Hall – £6,571.60 (40 weeks – standard room)
Usher Hall – £6,092.80 (40 weeks – standard room)


Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • You will need to be a first year undergraduate student and you will need to present evidence of such (e.g. your university acceptance letter)
  • This scholarship is open to home students only (UK Nationals) please note that evidence must be provided (i.e. passport, driving licence)
  • Only applicants with a background in social housing will be considered (whether on you lived in social housing on your own or with your parents/guardian). Note that there is no limitation on the specific length of time in which you must have lived in social housing but proof must be provided (i.e. copy of tenancy)
  • Able to demonstrate, in a personal statement of no more than 500 words, how you have made a difference to your community. Applicants will need to demonstrate the positive social impact that they have had on their community by submitting this 500 words statement
  • A reference letter is to be submitted from the community (representative of the community) that you have been assisting. This is to confirm the work of the applicant and to provide character support for the application

How to apply

To apply for one of the scholarships at Usher Hall, please complete the online application by 17.00 pm on 14 September 2018.

To apply for one of the scholarships at Welkin Hall, please complete our online application by 11.59 pm on 31 October 2018.

Personal Statement

In no more than 500 words, tell us about yourself, how you have made a difference, why you have chosen to study at your university and why you merit a scholarship. Whether you have regularly volunteered for your favourite charity over your summer holidays or you are an enthusiastic church member committed to helping vulnerable people in your community; you will need to show us how you have made a positive social impact in your personal statement.

A few pointers:

  • Tell us about the social impact work you have undertaken within your community (click here for some examples)
  • How have those activities made a difference to your community
  • Provide your intentions towards ongoing community work during the duration of the award being offered
  • Please observe the 500 word limit

Please check that you have provided all of the above before sending your application

For more information, please send us an e-mail

Useful Links

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Study4Success – Case Studies

Terms & Conditions:

  • First year undergraduate student (studying for your first degree)
  • Evidence must be provided (e.g. University acceptance)
  • A Home Student (not international)
  • Evidence must be provided (i.e. passport)
  • A background of accessing social housing (whether on your own or your family home if coming straight from parents/guardians). Please note that there is no limitation on the specific length of time in which you must have lived in social housing.
  • Evidence must be provided (i.e. copy of tenancy)
  • In regards to a background of social housing, preference will be made to an Optivo resident
  • The successful applicant will agree as part of the terms and conditions of the award to undertake the role of a Optivo volunteering ambassador for the duration of the length of the award. This will comprise of a requirement to attend a minimum of three Optivo events in order to promote education and/or volunteering and/or social impact work
  • The successful applicant agrees to provide three written updates (an 1x A4 page with accompanying relevant photo) at regular intervals throughout the duration of the award (i.e. start, mid, end)
  • The successful applicant will agree for their name, any photo/video materials received, excerpts from their application and written updates to be used as part of further marketing of this award, promotion of the Optivo volunteering/social impact ethos, the Optivo organisation itself, and to be shared with relevant parties who support the award (i.e. University and Optivo board members and colleagues)
  • The scholarship will be paid directly to the University, in two instalments (first semester and second semester) for Middlesex University and Brighton University
  • Optivo reserves the right to revoke the award (decline payment of one or more semester accommodation fees) under the following situations:
    • If the successful applicant withdraws from University
    • If the successful applicant has not been attending University for course requirements to be achieved (i.e. no attendance of lectures/seminars and/or other similar specifications)
    • If the successful applicant is involved in any disciplinary issues during the duration of the award (within the accommodation or at the University in question)
  • Commitment to the role of Optivo volunteering ambassador for a minimum of three events is not adhered to
  • Optivo requires the successful applicant to meet with designated Optivo representative within 1 month of the award being made in order for an introduction to be made and relationship engaged in. At this time expectations of the successful applicant for the coming year will be confirmed again
  • Optivo requires the successful applicant to meet with designated Optivo representative for a review of the T&C’s at the end of the first semester. Optivo reserves the right to request supporting evidence in regards to the T&C’s being met (i.e. University course attendance/disciplinary details), confirmation of Optivo volunteering ambassador duties undertaken. Engagement requirements for the second semester will be agreed at this meeting
  • The scholarship will take the form of fee-waiver applied against the accommodation costs for 40 weeks at Middlesex University and at the University of Brighton for the academic year to which the award applies
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