Study4Success – Some Examples

Here are a few examples of the work that made a difference to their community that students who were awarded the Study4Success Scholarship in previous years, mentioned on their applications

“I volunteered at my local church cleaning up the very large building for four hours at a time

Playing in charity concerts (as a flautist), once raising £700 for a Rotary Club concert for my hometown.”

“Door-to-door fundraising for over nine months for many amazing charities such as the British Red Cross, Unicef and the RSPCA.”

“Talking to state school students in Leeds as part of a programme to encourage them to study at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge.”

“I was part of a Group called “Helping Hands” where we would go and clean up the community, picking up rubbish and occasionally re-painting old fences and walls to make them look band new.”

“I successfully campaigned to the council, so they would readjust the way some of their services were been delivered (e.g. rubbish collection) which put many elderly residents in a situation that compromised their safety.”

“I have done a lot of volunteering within the community; this included volunteering my time at an annual ‘Celebration of Life’ event for care home senior citizens in Brent and Barnet, serving food and drinks.”

“I have volunteered in a café at a church in the community.”

“I am passionate about fundraising and took part in a charity run for the Jewel Scholarship Fund, a charity which provides scholarships for academically gifted but financially deprived young girls for for the London International Christian Church.”

“Last summer, I provided free Maths tutoring to a Year 6 student in a public library. During my A-levels, I was a peer mentor at my school, which enabled me to look after five Year 7 pupils and track their progress. Alongside my work with fellow students, I was elected a senior prefect and co-ordinated a Christian Union at my school. I have also provided one-to-one teaching to a dyscalculic pupil struggling with Maths.”

“During the last year of my sixth form I volunteered once a week to attend a residential school for children with complex physical and medical needs.”

“For the past three years I have volunteered every summer for six weeks as a play worker with a local ‘not for profit’ organisation that works in local communities with low-income families, young people and children providing holiday schemes, young clubs and educational provision.”

Please remember that your line manager at the time (or a team member of the community) will need to vouch for the work that you mention on your application by providing a letter of recommendation.