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Returning Residents £100 off

  • The applicant must have stayed with us previously for the full length of their contract (minimum 40 weeks).
  • Subject to a successful application, the applicant must remain in residence for a continuous stay of their contract at least (minimum 40 weeks).
  •  £100 off for returning residents only applies to 40 week or 50 week contracts. If the referee or the referred applicant leave the accommodation before the completion of their contract, the discount will no longer apply
  • The £100 credit will be applied to the rent account on completion of the contract

Refer a Friend

  • The applicant must provide the name of the person referring them on their application
  • The person referred must be a new applicant
  • Subject to a successful room offer, the ‘Friend’ must remain in our residence for the full length of their contract (minimum 40 weeks)
  • Once this period has been reached, £100 will be credited to the referees account
  • There is no limit to the number of people that can referred, subject to availability
  • All refer a friend applications are subject to the application being successful

Pay in Advance Discount

  • Pay for 40 or 50 weeks rent upfront and receive a 3% discount
  • Upfront payments subject to adjustment if rental increases or decreases are applied
  • Discount will be applied to your rent account upon completion of the 40 or 50 week period
  • Discounts only apply to 40 or 50 week stays. If you leave the accommodation before the completion of this 40 or 50 week period the discount will no longer apply and full charges for the duration of your stay will be applied to your account
  • Refunds will be calculated taking into account rental charges for the period of your stay
  • On completion of the upfront rent offer, normal charges will apply and no extensions to the duration of these discounted weeks will be granted

Valid until 30th October 2018.

These offers are only available for rooms booked for the academic year 2018-2019.