Student health

Settling into University

After the parties have died out, you’ve attended all your introductory seminars and the final lecture on the library and its services has finished, it’s time to settle in and start to enjoy the first, few months of university. It’s important to remember that university life will always be full of ups and downs, but […]

Eating Well on a Budget

Being at university isn’t all about late nights, 9am starts and library trips. Studying at university also means you move away from home and enter a whole new world – one that can be stressful and unexpected. A big part of living on your own for the first time is learning how to do menial […]

How to Travel While at University

Commuting while at university is every student’s dream. A break away to explore European cities, a road trip through America or exploring the sandy beaches in Australia is the perfect way to take some time away from your studies and remove yourself from the stress of university, at least for a little while. Although it may […]

3 Helpful Tips to Avoid Burnout During Exams

Exams are a crucial part of education and the source of stress for most students. A little stress is healthy, but if it takes precedence over your ability to concentrate, you won’t be performing at your usual best. Therefore, it’s very important to manage some of that stress, before it results into burnout. Read the […]

How to deal with low motivation

Have you experienced difficulties when studying lately? Most students will experience some sort of issue that will prevent them to perform a 100% at one time or another during university. In this blog we will discuss how to overcome the some of most common challenges with the right attitude. If you are experiencing low motivation, […]