Things to do in Holborn

Holborn is central to some of the best attractions in London. Situated at the western end of the historical part of the city, Holborn is home to many independent shops and restaurants. With so much to explore in this part of town, you will not get bored. Here are some things to do and places […]

Things to Do in Camden

Camden is full of many interesting shops, places to eat, and things to do. With a unique atmosphere full of people from all different backgrounds, there are many reasons to love this neighborhood. Here are the top attractions in the neighbourhood: Food Chin Chin Labs – a nitro ice-cream shop that is also home to […]

The ultimate summer moving guide for students – Partner Post

Just when you’re ready to start enjoying summer after the final few weeks of university, you realise you need to do something with all your things over the break. Whether you’re heading back home in the UK or abroad, you need somewhere to store your belongings. Sound familiar? That’s why over 15,000 students have used […]

Budgeting as a student

As a student is very important to keep an eye on your finances,  to know where your money goes but also to help you manage your money more cleverly (and stay away from the dreaded overdraft). A number of apps have been created to help students stay on top of their finances. Here are a […]

Healthy, cheap dinner ideas

Healthy, cheap dinner ideas   Grocery shopping in London can get expensive. However if you know where to go and plan ahead, you can save money! Usually the first instinct for a student is to get something quick, so it can be hard to find quick and healthy meal ideas. Here are some tips and […]