Settling into University

After the parties have died out, you’ve attended all your introductory seminars and the final lecture on the library and its services has finished, it’s time to settle in and start to enjoy the first, few months of university. It’s important to remember that university life will always be full of ups and downs, but […]

What to Expect in Your First Week of Uni

Starting university can be both a daunting and exciting experience! You would have packed up all your things from home, said goodbye to your parents and greeted the new people you’ll be living with. The first couple of days away from home and at university can feel strange and unnerving, but when you know what […]

Finding Last Minute Accommodation after Clearing

Clearing can seem like a terrifying period of time. It feels like a mad rush to change your plans, pick a university, choose your accommodation and uproot your life all within a month. However, it’s important to take a deep breath and think of the positives. After all that hard work, you’ve made it and […]

Accommodation After Clearing

Congratulations! You’ve made it – all that hard work, sleepless nights and expenditure on books was worth it! However, you may not have secured the place at the university of your first choosing. The important thing to do is not to panic. There are lots of universities calling out for students to come fill their […]

Eating Well on a Budget

Being at university isn’t all about late nights, 9am starts and library trips. Studying at university also means you move away from home and enter a whole new world – one that can be stressful and unexpected. A big part of living on your own for the first time is learning how to do menial […]